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Breathwork is not a single function tool.


You know you breathe, but did you know

you can use breath to:

     Find deep relaxation

      Increase body and personal awareness

  Create a deeper self understanding

   Safely examine sex / sexuality / sensuality issues

    Remove roadblocks to clear communication

     Release old un-needed "stuff"


What would you like to do?


Breathwork is efficient. 

There are so many things that happen in a breath session... all at the same time.  And all you have to do is focus on the breath. 

Working on you is like any other job, efficiency comes by using the right tool at the right time.  You might be able to drive a nail in the wall with a screwdriver, but isn't it easier with a hammer?  If you could think your way to how you want to feel / be, I bet you would.  If thoughts haven't gotten you to your desired state, I invite you to consider they may not be the right tool for the job.

Try a new tool that you already have, breath, and learn to use it in a different way.


Breathwork is portable.  

The lessons and techniques learned here are yours to keep and take with you.  By learning more about your own breath and body, you are better prepared to deal with a wide variety of situations and have many more options for responses to those situations.


Breathwork is a practice and an intervention.

You can use breath to do what I call the "heavy lifting" of going deep into your own personal history, patterns and responses to get an understanding so that change can happen.  You can also use breath to address the day to day responses that may leave you tense, stressed and exhausted at the end of the day. 


Breathwork includes work... it is in the name.  It isn't passive.  You bring the drive, the desire, the hunger, the body, the breath.

Breathwork potentiates those things within you.  But you get to do it.

Just breathe.


Breathwork is not an instant "fix".

We all carry around a lot of "stuff" and probably have for a long time.

When you open a soda that has been agitated, there is going to be a mess, unless you take the time to slowly release the seal.  Breathwork is much the same.  We will work to slowly release the seal so that you don't feel like a big mess.

As one of my teachers said-  "It takes the time that it takes, and it takes time."


Welcome and thank you for being here.

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David Allen



Client Comments


Working with David enabled me  to gain clarity about a major life issue that I had worked with for years. Our work together resulted in me taking action that led to freedom in my life and a great sense of peace in my heart and mind.






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