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Start.  Strengthen.  Re-start.


Sometimes connecting with those close to us can bring the most challenges.  If you need a little help to move to that next level, I am here, give a call. 

You don't have to go it alone.


"The Talk"

Parents, especially fathers, seem to have a difficult time discussing very important information with their offspring.  Studies show that there is even more difficulty for fathers to talk to their sons.

My own, very unofficial, studies confirm the official studies.


I will work with you, and the breath, to get past the resistance to having

"The Talk" with your son.  Regardless of his age now, you know that he will reach an age of physical sexual maturity.

If needed, I can point  you to resources for content within that conversation.

The internet can be a great resource for you.  But without input and conversation, is that really the best way for him to learn about such an important life lesson?


Fatherhood & Transition
Men considering having a child, or who have just had a child, will find a place here in working with the feelings that come up in the  transition to fatherhood.  Men dealing with loss as a father are also more than welcome.



"It Always Ends"

Do you find yourself going through a series of relationships that never go past a certain point?  Using breath we will explore the underlying thoughts / beliefs that come up for you while in a relationship.  Once there is an understanding and an awareness, then new opportunities and choices can become available.



"I Want to Try Something but am Afraid to Ask"

Being intimate with someone implies a level of trust.  But that doesn't mean there still can't be some lingering concerns or doubts when wanting to ask for something different or new from your partner.

Breath is a great tool for examining your feelings around

Asking for something

Your desires

Your fears


Give it a try.







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You don't have to go solo. 






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