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I love breathing people.


Breathwork was likely always in my future, I just didn't know it.  I often get asked "when did you start?", and I usually answer with the first breath experience I had.  As far as my own breathing goes with this type of breath, that may be true.


But that isn't really the first time I held space for someone while breathing.  That would go back to the mid 1980's when I was an ICU nurse.  A patient was on the unit with a specific type of pneumonia and I was about to give a very, very new drug.  In addition to managing this new drug (never given before in that hospital) I was managing his breathing and emotional responses.

So that was probably my first experience facilitating breath.


These days, I work with all kinds of people at all levels. The great part is that my clients today are "driving the train".  The breath teaching I provide helps keep the fuel going in the engine.  I truly feel that this is the most honorable work I have ever done.


I completed my studies at the Power of Breath Institute and am a member in good standing with the International Breathwork Training Alliance.


My studies have continued since graduation with some amazing practitioners: Jeremy Youst, Jim Morningstar, Judee Gee, Binnie Dansby. 

Of course, each and every one of my clients teaches me amazing things.


I bring experiences gained from working in the "traditional" healthcare world for over 25 years to each encounter.  I have been fortunate enough to have spoken to a wide range of audiences on an even wider range of topics.


I wouldn't be here today without the insight and guidance I get from breath, or the knowledge from each and every client.


I welcome you into a safe space with no judgment, and quite probably some laughter.


I look forward to meeting and working with you. 









David Allen








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