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Individual Sessions

When did you last do something for you?  Can't remember?  Then it's time.


Individual Sessions

The body stores things, just like a basement.  And much like that basement, there may be things in there you didn't remember or "know" about.  Focused one-on-one breath sessions allow for getting a good start on cleaning out the basement.


An individual session is set up to allow you the space, focus and safety to go as deep as you can or desire.  It is a great way to focus on the technique as well as the "stuff" you are working on.  The more mastery of the technique the more movement becomes available.


A sample of the topics brought into session:



Transition - Aging



Stress Relief

Body Awareness

Parent - Child

Stronger Voice

Clarify Desires

Self Confidence

Healing the Past

New Couples

Break Patterns




Performance Issues of All Types

 work/test anxiety, sports, theater, intimate



Sessions are generally around 2 hours and include a check-in or "talk time" where you share what is going on in your world and where you would like to focus.  This is followed by a breathe which may last up to about 45 minutes.  Sessions end with a de-brief and setting the next appointment. 

Any suggestions for additional work between appointments is discussed in the de-brief.


Come as you are.  I am happy to meet you here. 


Time:  Generally up to 2 hours

Investment: $75.00/hour

Location:  Baltimore City, just south of Towson, Maryland

A safe & supportive space with easy, free parking. 


Call or Email me to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.










After contraction

comes expansion.






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