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Sacred Ceremony

Celebration.  Care.  Comfort.  Joy.  Peace.


Most major life events are recognized with some sort of ceremony.  It is interesting that these ceremonies are perhaps the most personal and intimate activities to be involved in, yet to varying degrees, public. 


I bring years of life experience, breath and spirituality into meeting with you to co-create a ceremony that is meaningful to you.


In planning, we will look at parts and pieces from your past, present and future to decide what to include on the special day.


In addition to meeting with you well in advance of the date, I will be there at the rehearsal and of course, through the wedding itself.


The event can quickly become the focal point of the day.  But at the end of that day, the bottom line is setting you up with support of your loved ones and community, with a solid vision of yourselves as a loving couple.


My ordination is through the Universal Life Church Monastery and my ministry welcomes all.  Any couple (same or mixed sex) is invited to contact me for wedding information.


By working with me, we can keep it focused completely on the event, or add in breath sessions as you move toward the big day.



Other Ceremonies

Of course weddings aren't the only reason to contact me.  I can work with you in times of transition: a funeral, new child, new home or just about any other life situation that may come up.


Contact me with questions or to schedule an introductory meeting.












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