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Sessions for Couples

Explore together.



Sessions for couples

Two people together can have challenging moments, no matter what type of couple, how deep the feelings or how long they have been together. Each pair of people and each stage of "couple-dom" brings unique issues. 

And of course, older issues may re-visit from time to time.


Breath sessions with couples can be facilitated in a variety of ways, from simply breathing together to a mix of paired and single sessions.

The plan will depend on the goals and the feelings you both have.


These sessions are much like individual sessions and include a time to talk, a time to breathe and debrief.  There may be assignments between appointments as well.


Even if you don't have pressing issues, a paired session can bring a new level of connection between the two of you.


Time:  Generally 2 hours.  The first session may be longer.

Investment:  Paired sessions are $100.00 an hour

Location:  Baltimore City, just south of Towson, Maryland

A safe & supportive space with easy, free parking.


I would love to hear from you. 

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